Friday, 3 February 2012

Camp Cooking ideas or recipes

I'm the first to admit I can't cook, so I'm calling on your help so we don't live on BBQ snags for breakfast, lunch and tea!! If anyone has any 'tried and true' ideas on camp cooking, I'm all ears. I'm interested in camp cooking recipes, but also knowing what "must have" items you take when out camping/caravaning, types of easy meals you have, storage and food freezing tips, etc.

On behalf of Shane - all help is greatly appreciated :)
From Travelling Dobes


  1. Suggestions so far (#1):

    u can actually cook some good stuff using the bbq... buy some alfoil trays, cut up some potatoes, cover and put on the bbq... also try wrapping some corn cobs, veges etc in alfoil and again putting on bbq... by a fry pan, cook fish, etc on the bbq... the bbq will become ur or buy a camp pot and cook roast etc in the coals of a fire if u can have fires... they are good... best of luck withthe camping.

  2. Suggestions so far (#2):

    We went across Oz in sep. definitely take a camp oven. Lots of spuds and onions. They travel well. Wraps instead of bread easy lunches like boiled eggs, tomato cheese wraps. Lots of herbs and red wine. Coz wot u don't cook with it can help calm yr nerves:-) hee hee. Good luck and smile at every situation.... U still hav each other xx

  3. Comments so far (#3):

    Buy a Baby-Q Manda, they are Excellent and so little to take away with u,, or a Thermomix if you have a spare $2000.. lol.. Hope your keeping well? Sounds like your in for sooo much Fun Times Ahead. So Happy for you :)))

  4. Comments so far (#4):

    Good for u! I have a baby q too and have been cooking in it all summer! Use the alumin trays though - less mess! Delish xx

  5. Comments so far (#5):

    - Tip: Store leftovers in resealable plastic bags (can get them in various sizes.

    - Use the thermomix to whip up a pizza base and cook in the BabyQ topped with anything you've got available.

    - Homemade fresh bread or buns! Yum

    - Quick & easy pasta: Boil water and cook pasta on oven or campfire. Fry up bacon (no need to add extra fat/oil), onion, garlic, mushrooms, throw in some white wine, lemon zest, cream (if desired). Mix throw pasta. Yummo

    - Bacon, eggs, mushrooms for any meal of the day.

    - Fish & salad (be creative with fish crumb coating).

  6. Comments so far (#60) :

    Hi Amanda, Cooking problem solved - go to - the dream pot is fantastic. We have one and it works a treat. Dinner is cooking while you are traveling.. I think you can buy them at BCF camping store.
    Cheers L&P

  7. Comments so far (#7):

    You can cook just about anything on the Q's! Easy dinners are good cause you want to spend your time exploring not cooking. Heaps of potatoes are good, even just sliced thinly in the pan with some garlic salt. When we were away we had BBQ's and salad most nights. Some easy mee goreng noodles with mince and veggies in a pan is easy and yum. If you are fishing you can buy easy batter mixes to fry them in or just grill. Take some good BBQ spices then you can change the taste of the same meat for different night ;-) Oh and dont knock the good old snag. They are the travelers best friend. If you are sick of BBQing them take those easy recipe bases like curry sausages that you can cook in a pan. Pretty sure the Q's can even act like an oven so you don't have to stick to boring camping food anymore. Hope some of that helps. Hope you have a blast. I would have loved to keep going for longer, it was soooo relaxing. Drive safe and keep us posted.