Saturday, 21 January 2012

The adventure begins!

An adventure can begin by a simple thought which grows into an idea. Before you know it you've resigned from work, sold the boat, commenced packing up your home and stepping out of the life you once had - the open roads will soon become your new home and way of life. Scary? Yes. Exhilarating? Absolutely!

My partner and I are planning what we hope will be the adventure of a lifetime - a working holiday around Australia for at least 2 years. Our mode of transport will be a 4WD, caravan and dinghy. The catch (and there normally is one) we will have 2 large dobermann dogs onboard (weighing a combined total of 100kg). Insane? Maybe a little. But how fortunate am I to travel our beautiful country, leaving behind the stress and routine of everyday life, meet new acquaintences (hopefully not all of them with blue rinses) and share the adventure with not only my best friend, but my furry best friends too.

It's late January 2012 and the planning has commenced (albeit we need to purchase the caravan, slightly critical). In July/August 2012 we will hit the road driving out of Mandurah, Western Australia heading slowly up the north coast of WA.  We have a ton of reading, phone calls, planning and purchasing ahead of us. But how exciting huh!!??

This blog has been created to keep family and friends up to date of our adventures and whereabouts. Along the way we will share information and pictures of wonderful 'free camping' places to stay including remote places to explore. We will also share some of our learnings on how to survive travelling with 2 large dogs. There is no doubt the dogs will present us with all kinds of challenges, but we are taking the attitude "will never know if we don't give it a go". Plus they are part of our family, so they are coming too - case closed.

The blog posts may be a little slow over the next 6 months whilst planning is in full swing, but from July onwards ... stay tuned and watch this space.

S&A and The Travelling Dobes

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  1. Well done Mandy . The first of many steps to get this trip underway .