Thursday, 8 March 2012

The van arrived today & registering licence plates from QLD to WA

Well after an anxious wait (not helped by the transit company's terrible communication and poor customer service) our caravan arrived at our front door this morning all safe and sound. Phew!

As the van is registered with Queensland licence plates, we now need to go through the relatively easy process of registering the van in Western Australia. We popped into the licencing centre in Mandurah a few weeks ago for some advice - they were actually extremely helpful. In short the van will need an examination before it can be registered in WA. As the van currently isn't allowed to be towed on WA roads (due to QLD plates) we will need to obtain a 'Temporary Moving Permit' and take the van into the Mandurah inspection/examination centre. If all is okay, it's registered in our names and WA plates are issued. At the same time the QLD plates are handed in and they will give us a plate receipt. We then post the plate receipt to the QLD Dept of Transport and job done. Sounds easy (hopefully!)

Each states licencing requirements are very different but the relevant states Transport Dept websites have been very informative and helpful.
Photo 1: Underneathe view of our Kedron - built solid & tough for offroad
 Photo 2: Our set up minus the dinghy on the roof of the Nissan Patrol. Thankfully the TARE & Gross weight of the van gives us a little tolerance for the Nissan's towing capacity. This was another reason why we had to compromise and get a combined toilet/shower due to length/weight issues affecting the towing capacity. If we went for a longer van as originally planned with a separate ensuite, we would have need a truck to tow it! Well almost as this Kedron is allowed to weigh 3 ton (3000 kg) in total (yes ladies this includes all my clothes, crafty stuff, necessities, oh yes and allowing some weight for Shane's clothes too!!). Thankfully the Nissans towing capacity slightly more than 3 ton but it will still be tight.

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